Kyocera Museums

This (actually these, but they’re all at one place so I’m going to use “this”) is one of the more interesting places in Kyoto and definitely less-traveled. Basically there’s a company called Kyocera, which you may (or may not) have heard of – the company was founded by a man named Kazuo Inamori (who actually is one of the more famous and successful Japanese businessmen). The company basically made industrial ceramics (especially TV parts) but has branched off into other things in recent years. Inamori has emphasized treating people properly and fair dealings in business. He was a manager brought in by the government to help turn around JAL.

Kyocera, the company he founded, has 1 museum, 1 library and a showroom at their headquarters in Kyoto. The museum and showroom can be seen without reservations but the Inamori Library requires reservations. Honestly though, I didn’t really like the library, as it was basically focused on Inamori and how great he is. The museum and showroom were OK but nothing great (this is especially true as there’s not much in the area – you’re taking a diversion from other things to go here).

The museum, library and showroom are open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday though Friday, and are also closed holidays. The library requires reservations, which can be made here.

The Kyocera building is a 15 minute walk from Takeda station (subway or Kintetsu lines; both trains go to exactly the same station).