Here I’ll explain (with pics) how to sign up for and use the wifi at Family Mart, one of the big convenience stores. Most Family Marts have wifi but not all of them and it’s not necessarily logical which ones have it and which ones don’t have wifi. For example, near my work there are 4 Family Marts, one of which has an eat-in corner. Logically, that would be the one with wifi, right? Actually, the other 3 have wifi and that one doesn’t! The Family Mart wifi is OK in general, but you can only use it for 1 hour per day (20 minutes 3 times), which is a lot shorter than 7/11 (3 hours).

In general, here’s how to sign up for and login with Family Mart’s wifi. Unfortunately, you have to actually be at Family Mart to create an account.

First, go to Family Mart, connect to the wifi (it should say something like “Famima” for the name), then follow the instructions on the pictures. Eventually, you’ll get an e-mail with a link – you have to click it to verify, then you can go back and register.









Enjoy the wifi!